The following methods for a document resource are currently available through the Basecone API:

Resource Description
Document collection This will return a list of documents as a collection.
Document details This will return details on a specific document.
Document import Importing of a document into Basecone.
Document tag Tagging of a document in Basecone.
Document abandon Abandon a document in Basecone.
Document comment collection This will return a list of comments for a specific document as a collection.
Create document comment Adds a comment to a document
Retrieve artifacts collection Retrieve a collection of artifacts available per document.
Retrieve single artifact Download a single artifact.
Retrieve single document page image Download an image of a document page for viewing.
Retrieve archive of documents This will return the archive of documents uploaded by the current apikey user.
Retrieve workflow collection of a document This will return the collection of workflows of a specific document.