Document Download visual

Download a stream of a single document page.

GET documents/:documentId/visual/:pageId

Request details

The response will be the binary stream of a single document page image.

Request properties

Property Type Description Optional
DocumentId guid Unique identifier of the document. No
PageId int Index to return a specific page index. Must be between one(1) and the document page count. No

Example request

Download an image visualization from a specific document page.


Possible error responses

Status code Error code Details
400 validation_error One or more properties were not valid.
400 invalid_request_payload Request properties are not valid to perform the requested operation.
400 invalid_request_payload Document id cannot be empty
400 invalid_request_payload Page id must be positive
400 invalid_request_payload This document does not contain that many pages
401 unauthorized User is not authorized to access the resource.
403 forbidden User has no rights to execute the requested operation.
403 forbidden Document does not belong to this office
404 no_known_visuals No known visualization details for this document