The following category of webhooks are provided by the Basecone API.

Resource Description
Document events Events related to documents.
Transaction events Events related to transactions.

What are webhooks?

Webhook notifications are messages indicating that an event in Basecone has occurred. Rather than requiring you to pull information via our API, Basecone pushes information to your application (in real-time) when certain, specific events occur. These events can be used to update your system or trigger business processes.



How does it work?

Webhooks are delivered via HTTPS POST in JSON format to a destination endpoint(an url) of your choice (as specified during registration). An example of a possible scenario can be that a user processes an invoice at which point Basecone will trigger the TransactionProcessed event, which will result in an event object that will be delivered to the destination endpoint. This object contains all the relevant information, including the type of event and the data associated with that event. See for more details the event-specific documentation.

Sequence diagram


If the webhook destination responds with any HTTP status code other than 200 (Success), we will consider it a failure. The request is also considered a failure if Basecone does not receive a response within 5 seconds. In case webhook destination responds with the status code 401 (Unauthorized), the webhook will be automatically unsubscribed, in all other cases we will resend the webhook notification every hour for a period of a week until the destination responds with an HTTP status code of 200. This way we ensure Basecone has done it’s utmost best to deliver the event to a Third Party Application or System.