Documents artifacts

Retrieve a collection of the artifacts from a specific document.

GET documents/:documentId/artifacts

Artifacts meta properties

Property Type Description Optional
ArtifactId guid Unique identifier of the artifact. No
PageCount int The number of pages the document has. PageCount is not optional for the contentType image/jpeg Yes
ContentType string Artifact content type, possible values are application/pdf, image/jpeg, text/plain. No
Type string The type of the artifact available. No

Example response:

  artifacts: [
                  "type": "Original",
                  "contentType": ["application/pdf", "image/jpeg"],
                  "artifactId": "566bc21d-e57a-49b8-88f4-1ea9d8f491a9"  
                  "pageCount": 3,    
                  "type": "OcrTextFile",
                  "contentType": ["text/plain"],
                  "artifactId": "566bc21d-e57a-49b8-88f4-1ea9d8f49123"