Retrieve collection of companies an user has access.

GET users/:id/companies

Collection properties

Property Type Description
Companies Array A list of companies belonging to the office where you have access to.
_links Array A list of useful preconfigured uri's a client app can use to navigate this resource collection.
_metadata Complex object Optional object with additional information concerning the current returned result.

For details on company properties see company details.

For details on collections see collection details.

Example response:

        "id": "3069ba37-935b-4b2a-8016-8d345e29bec9",
        "name": "company 1",
        "code": "1001"
        "id": "cc72ad7b-47e6-4d5d-8eeb-83fd9f6fa006",
        "name": "company 2",
        "code": "1002"
        "id": "a557dd50-379a-4c0e-a4dd-ee90f1fbee58",
        "name": "company 3",
        "code": "1003"
        "id": "8aba98c8-c5f2-417b-b366-6be39c3d6888",
        "name": "company 4",
        "code": "1004"
        "total": 4,
        "count": 4
            "rel": "self",
            "href": ""