Retrieve a company from Basecone by it's unique identifier.

GET companies/:id

Company properties

Property Type Description
CompanyId Guid Unique identifier of the company.
Name String The name of the company.
Email String The email of the company.
HasAccess Boolean Defines if the user has access to the given company.
TotalDocumentsToAuthorize Number The number of documents waiting to be authorized.
AccountingSystem Complex object Details on the accounting system this company is using.
ExtraData Array The existing extra data for the company.

Accounting system properties

Property Type Description
CompanyCode String The company code used by the accounting system.
ExternalId String An identifier used by the accounting system.
Type String Indicates the type of accounting system. possible value are Twinfield,Exact,AccountView.

Example response:

  "companyId": "80833a4d-1678-46c1-a86d-6dea4721123a",
  "accountingSystem": {
    "type": "Twinfield",
    "externalId": "9901",
    "companyCode": "9901"
  "name": "Company",
  "email": "",
  "hasAccess": "true",
  "totalDocumentsToAuthorize": 0,
        {"label" : "Reference", "value" : "123"}