Update general ledger

Update a general ledger from your company. Before making a PUT request to update a general ledger in your company, you might find it useful to look at the list of available companies.

PUT generalLedgers/:generalledgerid

Request details

The put request will contain all the required information to update a general ledger in your company.

Request properties

Property Type Description Optional
GeneralLedgerId Guid Unique identifier of the general ledger. No
Request General ledger request object The general ledger request to update. No

For a general ledger update request object properties see details.

Example request

              "name" : "name",
              "code": "Code",
                  "culture" : "Culture",
                  "label" : "Label"  
              "metaData" :{
                "fieldmeta1" : "0.00",
                "fieldmeta2" : "0.01"  


Upon successful update of a general ledger a 204 status code will be returned. Also on the response body the basecone unique identifier for the entity will be returned. If something goes wrong, an error message with failure details will be given together with a suitable http error status code.

Possible error responses

Status code Error code Details
400 json_parse_error Unable to parse JSON.
400 NoAccessToCompany User does not have access to the company provided.
400 CompanyDoesNotExist The company provided does not exists.
400 GeneralLedgerIdEmpty The provided GeneralLedger unique identifier is empty.
400 GeneralLedgerCodeEmpty The provided GeneralLedger code is empty.
400 GeneralLedgerDoesNotExist The provided GeneralLedger unique identifier does not exist.