Supplier update request properties

Supplier update request object properties

Property Type Description Optional
Company Company request object Company with unique identifier to link. No
Code String Code supplier. Yes
Address Address request object Address information for supplier location. Yes
PayCollectType PayCollectType request object Pay Collect Type with code to link. Yes
VatCode VatCode request object Vat with code to link. Yes
Name String Supplier name. No
VatNumber String Vat number. Yes
ChamberOfCommerce String Chamber of Commerce number. Yes
Phone String Phone number. Yes
Fax String Fax number. Yes
BankAccounts Array List of Bank accounts. Yes
PaymentDiscount PaymentDiscount request object Payment Discount information. Yes
Number String Supplier number. Yes
PaymentCondition PaymentCondition request object Payment Condition with code to link. Yes
Email String Email address. Yes
Metadata Array (key value pair) Supplier metadata. Yes

Refer to the Common objects for more details.