Purchase Transaction Proposal

Retrieve purchase transaction proposal from Basecone by its unique identifier.

This API resource is only available to Premium APPs.

GET transactionproposals/:id

Example response

    "type": "purchase",
    "description": "3.30",
    "dueDate": "2014-08-19T00:00:00",
    "invoiceNumber": "dfgd4534",
    "purchaseOrderNumber": "PO123456789",
    "supplier": {
        "code": "2000"
        "paymentConditionId": "d6bbcf34-9fec-40ca-800d-8df0ded40f61",
        "code": "30"
    "isInPaymentBatch": true,
    "isCreditNote": false,
    "totalAmount": 500,
    "transactionProposalId": "6c57832a-959e-4a22-8d76-f2489dc5c448",
    "documentId": "d04808be-f40d-4328-82c9-773c110a434e",
    "targetCompany": {
        "code": "9901"
    "transactionDate": "2014-08-05T00:00:00",
    "generalLedger": {
        "code": "1600"
    "period": "2014/8",
    "currency": {
        "code": "EUR"
    "additionalField1": "Some text",
    "additionalField2": "Some more text",
    "additionalField3": "AAAHlw==D04808BEF40D432882C9773C110A434E",
    "transactionLines": [
            "intraCommunity": {
                "countryCode": "nl",
                "VatNumber": "NL3298742987",
                "Date": "2014-08-05T00:00:00",
                "IcpDeliveryType": "goods",
            "quantity" : {
                "value" : 123.45,
                "unit" : {
                    "code" : "mtr"
            "transactionLineId": "fc3fa8ef-ddad-407b-b6f4-ecb3e329f4e3",
            "lineNumber": 1,
            "description": "3.30",
            "additionalField1": "Some text",
            "destinationCompany": {
                "code": "9901"
            "generalLedger": {
                "code": "0090"
            "costCenter": {
                "code": "00013"
            "costUnit": {
                "code": "D0001"
            "project": {
                "code": "P0008"
            "amount": 500,
            "vatCode": {
                "code": "IV21"
            "vatAmount": 120

Purchase transaction proposal properties

Properties specific to purchase transaction proposal are printed bold, other properties are shared between all types of transactions.

Property Type Description
Description String Description
DueDate DateTime (nullable) Due date
InvoiceNumber String Invoice number
PurchaseOrderNumber String Purchase order number
Supplier Supplier object Supplier
PaymentCondition Payment condition object Payment condition, not supported for all accounting systems
IsInPaymentBatch Bool This indicates and provides a trigger if the transaction needs to be taken into account for any payment run in the 3rd party application.
IsCreditNote Bool Indicates whether this transaction is a credit note.
TotalAmount Decimal (nullable) Total amount
TransactionProposalId Guid Unique identifier of the transaction.
Type String Indicates the type of transaction, possible value are cash,sales,purchase,journal.
Document Document object This is a reference to the related document resource.
DestinationCompany Company object This is the company that is targeted to receive the posting line details. This differs from the destination company.
TransactionDate DateTime (nullable) This is the date of the transaction, in most cases the invoice date. The invoice date is generally mentioned on each invoice and differs from the transaction date.
GeneralLedger GeneralLedger object This is the code of the ledger that is selected to book a transaction. This represents the category of booking.
Period String The period of a transaction relates to the transaction date and represents the specific period in the accounts of a company.
Currency Currency object Currency used in transaction.
AdditionalField1 String Additional text field I
AdditionalField2 String Additional text field II
AdditionalField3 String Additional text field III
IsFinalBooking Bool Indicates if this transaction will be booked as a final booking.
TransactionLines Array Collection of transactionlines. Type of transactionline depends on the type of transaction.

Purchase transaction line properties

Property Type Description
IntraCommunity IntraCommunity object This indicates if the VAT code is related to an Intra Community Transaction/delivery.
Quantity Quantity object This indicates the quantity and unit relevant to the transaction line.
TransactionLineId Guid Unique identifier of the transaction line. No
LineNumber Int Line number No
Description String Description No
DestinationCompany Company object The destination company is the company to which the header of a transaction in generally booked. No
GeneralLedger GeneralLedger object This is the code of the ledger that is selected to book a transaction. This represents the category of booking. No
CostCenter CostCenter object Cost center No
CostUnit CostUnit object Cost unit.

Note: currently, supported only on Unit4 companies.

Project Project object Project No
Amount Decimal (nullable) Amount No
VatCode VatCode object Vat code No
VatAmount Decimal (nullable) Vat amount No


Property Type Description
CountryCode String Two letter country ISO code.
VatNumber String The applicable vat number.
Date DateTime (nullable) The date of the icp delivery.
IcpDeliveryType String The type of icp delivery, possible value are goods,services


Property Type Description
Value Decimal The actual quantity up to two decimal precision.
Unit.Code String The code of the unit used, possible value are kg(kilograms),mtr(meters),pcs(pieces),sqrmtr(square meters),hrs(hours).