Document on hold

Changes the state of a document to be authorized after booking to "On Hold" in Basecone

Document waiting for authorization after booking can be set as "On Hold". This action can only be performed by a user with the Authorizer role that is also the current authorizer of the document.

This API resource is only available to Premium APPs.

POST authorization/:documentId/onhold

Request details

The post request will contain all the required information to put the document "on hold" and it will be identified by the documentId.

Request properties

Property Type Description Optional
reason String Reason to set the document authorization state to "on hold". No

Example request

    reason: "some reason must be sent"

Successful Response

Upon successful operation a 200 status code will be returned.

Error Response

In the case an error occurs a 400 status code will be returned.

Example response

    "message": "One or more validation errors occurred.",
    "code": "invalid_request_payload",
            "field": "documentId",
            "message": "error message will be here",
            "code": "error_code_will_be_here"
    "_moreInfo": ""