Document imported event

A document imported event is raised when a document is imported into a Basecone company, this can happen via e-mail, api, website, or via an importtool.

Event properties

Property Type Description
CompanyId Guid Unique identifier of the company.
DocumentId Guid Unique identifier of the document.
Source string The source where this document was imported from, possible value are Api,Website,Email,Importtool.


  "documentId": "b4e04b5f-69f3-447e-9607-37fa532a247a",
  "source": "Website",
  "id": "0c28f6c6-1210-423d-ab5c-193d06b48e00",
  "companyId": "fb8f9584-3fc6-4cc7-abda-530ff397ea82",
  "created": "2014-09-30T13:50:48.9811347Z",
  "webhookEventType": "DocumentImported",
  "customFields": {}