Company Update

Update company information

PUT companies/:companyId

Request properties

Property Type Description
extraData Json Dynamic Key/Value fields that can be added to company

Example request:

"extraData": [
        "label": "Example",
        "value" : "Example"


Upon successful update of a transaction in the Basecone system, a 200 http status code will be returned. If something goes wrong, an error message with failure details will be given together with a suitable http error status code.

Example successful response

    "companyId": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx"

Example error response

    "message": "One or more validation errors occurred.",
    "code": "validation_error",
	    "field": "companyId",
	    "message": "The value 'companyId' is not a valid Guid."
    "_moreInfo": ""

Possible error responses

Status code Error code Details
400 invalid_request_payload User has no access to manage company
400 validation_error Company Id cannot be empty
400 validation_error Request with invalid company Guid
400 validation_error It is only allowed to have 1 company extra data setting
400 validation_error Labels values should be unique
400 validation_error All the given labels must have a value
400 validation_error Company extra data field must contain a maximum of 20 characters
401 unauthorized User doesn't have permissions to update company