Delete a bulk of customers by external Id

Delete a bulk of customers by external Id belonging to a specific company.

PUT customers/delete/external/bulk/:companyExternalId

Request details

The put request will contain all the required information to delete a bulk of customers by the companyExternalId

Request properties

Property Type Description Optional
CustomerExternalIds String [] An array of external identifiers of customers. No

Example bulk delete customers request



Upon successful delete of a bulk of customers in the Basecone system, a 200 http status code will be returned.

If something goes wrong, an error message with failure details will be given together with a suitable http error status code.

Possible error responses

Status code Error code Details
400 json_parse_error Unable to parse JSON.
400 invalid_request_payload Company Id and one or more customers Id cannot be empty
403 Forbidden User does not have access to the company
404 Not Found The requested resource is not found.