Basic Authentication

The Basecone API supports Basic Authentication. To use Basic Authentication, you need a Client Identifier and an API access key.
The Client Identifier has been emailed to the person who registered the client with Basecone, typically the developer who build the client application.
Each Basecone user can have multiple API access keys, one for every client application. An API access key has to be generated once for every user, the key will not expire. Although a client application can decide to refresh the API Access Key, this will only affect the client application in question. Here you find information how to create api access keys.

The authorization header is constructed like this:

Basic Client Identifier:API Access Key

The string Client Identifier:API Access Key needs to be Base64 encoded.

Example header


Possible error responses

Status code Error code Details
400 invalid_authorization_header Authorization header is not properly formatted.
401 unauthorized In case user credentials are invalid