[Obsolete] Add Twinfield Accounting System

Allows adding a Twinfield accounting system in Basecone.

Notice: To be deprecated by the end of December 31, 2020.
This feature will be deprecated in favor of the OAuth2 Authorization Flow in order to connect Twinfield Accounting Systems with Basecone.

POST accountingsystems/twinfield

Request properties

Property Type Length Description Optional
accountingSystemCode String 255 Twinfield accounting system code. No
synchronizationUserId Guid - Basecone user id. No
username String 50 Accounting system user name No
password String 100 Accounting system password No

Example request

    "accountingsystemcode": "Twinfield connection",
    "synchronizationuserid": "45080DFE-316C-4EB0-8C84-676942D792F1",
    "username": "some user name",
    "password": "super secret password"

Success response

Upon successful operation a 201 status code will be returned.

Example response:

    "accountingSystemId": "d5278262-b4a6-4503-9e7b-a89b65b2f214"

Error response

Case an error occurs, a 400 status code will be returned, containing error message(s).

Example response:

    "message": "One or more validation errors occurred.",
    "code": "invalid_request_payload",
            "field": "synchronizationUserId",
            "message": "Synchronization user does not exist",
            "code": "synchronization_user_not_found"

Possible error responses

Status code Error code Field Message
400 accounting_system_already_connected_to_other accountingSystemCode Accounting System is already connected to other.
400 accounting_system_code_in_use accountingSystemCode Accounting system code is already in use.
400 accounting_system_credentials_incorrect username/password Invalid accounting system credentials.
400 end_point_invalid Invalid environment.
400 synchronization_user_not_allowed_to_office synchronizationUserId Synchronization user does not have access to the office.
400 synchronization_user_not_found synchronizationUserId Synchronization user does not exist.
400 unknown_error unknown.