Add Twinfield Accounting System

Allows adding a Twinfield accounting system in Basecone.

POST accountingsystems/twinfield

Request properties

Property Type Length Description Optional
accountingSystemCode String 255 Twinfield accounting system code. No
synchronizationUserId Guid - Basecone user id. No
username String 50 Accounting system user name No
password String 100 Accounting system password No

Example request

    "accountingsystemcode": "Twinfield connection",
    "synchronizationuserid": "45080DFE-316C-4EB0-8C84-676942D792F1",
    "username": "some user name",
    "password": "super secret password"

Success response

Upon successful operation a 201 status code will be returned.

Example response:

    "accountingSystemId": "d5278262-b4a6-4503-9e7b-a89b65b2f214"

Error response

Case an error occurs, a 400 status code will be returned, containing error message(s).

Example response:

    "message": "One or more validation errors occurred.",
    "code": "invalid_request_payload",
            "field": "synchronizationUserId",
            "message": "Synchronization user does not exist",
            "code": "synchronization_user_not_found"

Possible error responses

Status code Error code Field Message
400 accounting_system_already_connected_to_other accountingSystemCode Accounting System is already connected to other.
400 accounting_system_code_in_use accountingSystemCode Accounting system code is already in use.
400 accounting_system_credentials_incorrect username/password Invalid accounting system credentials.
400 end_point_invalid Invalid environment.
400 synchronization_user_not_allowed_to_office synchronizationUserId Synchronization user does not have access to the office.
400 synchronization_user_not_found synchronizationUserId Synchronization user does not exist.
400 unknown_error unknown.